24 Foot Rock Wall

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Our 3 person Climb N Dangle Rock wall is perfect for birthdays, corporate events, the town fair, and so much more.  Rock Climbing is one of those experiences that simplistic with virtually no rules while having a huge rush and feeling of accomplishment.  With our portable Rock Wall, 3 guests can climb against each other or simply them vs. the Wall.  Our Wall is able to be indoors as well as outdoors and is quite the statement standing over 24 feet tall.  Our auto-belay system is the most trusted in the industry as safety is always our top priority.  The Wall can simply entertain guests and push them to be active while it also could be a great way for team building at a corporate event.  There are no limitations of how the Wall can play into your next gathering.  Our Rock Wall also has LED lighting for events that are after dark or dimly lit... it gives the Wall a whole new look that is pretty remarkable.





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